What I learned from the NikkiP 30 Day Blogging Challenge

1. Never start to write your blog post without your second morning coffee –

chocolate can help too!

I started the 30 Day Blogging Challenge with no idea about blogging & learnt so much from the daily challenges.  An email arrived daily with informative and easy to follow advice on ways to enhance blog posts and ideas for what to write about.

What I really learnt;

1. Use photos – people like pictures

Filigree bracelet by Seba Dizajn

2. Look in newspapers, magazines etc for inspiration on what to write about – why didn’t I think of that by myself?

3. Keep Writing – it gets easier

4. How to use tags in my blog posts.

5. To think about the search engine terms people might be using to try and find our Silver Filigree Jewellery from Croatia and use them in my blog.

5. That there is a vast amount of help and support available on-line.

6. Include a ‘call to action’ eg, visit our new website here; www.sebasilver.com!

I would recommend the 30 Day Blogging Challenge to anyone who is looking for motivation to get started on blogging,  some fun ways to liven up your blog posts and advice on attracting a wider audience to your blog.

Other Challenges include the 30 Day Facebook Challenge & 30 Day SEO Challenge – more information about Nikki’s challenges can be found here; http://www.30daychallenges.nikkipilkington.com/

Remember that website filled with filigree goodness, www.sebasilver.com

Thanks for stopping by.

About Seba Silver

In June 2011 my wife and I opened a small store on the beautiful Dalmatian Island of Korcula. Our store (Seba Dizajn) showcases stunning filigree jewellery, all work is made on site offering you the fascinating chance to see filigree jewellery being made. Visit us at www.sebasilver.com to see and purchase some of our filigree jewellery. The Seba family have been working, and creating beautiful pieces of filigree jewellery for over 500 years.
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4 Responses to What I learned from the NikkiP 30 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Helz-Design says:

    you are so right ruth, the material nikki provides is simple but awesome 🙂

    although i seem having missed the part with the coffee ;D
    don.t matter, nikki must have known since she is sending me my material in the afternoon.
    my best time to work.

    i also can recommend the 30 day challenges.
    great material.

    • Seba Silver says:

      Am sure she mentioned coffee! just brewing an afternoon pot now, love the smell of coffee as well as the taste. Maybe I’ll start that guest blog post for you when this caffiene kicks in!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the helpful advice on blogging and social networking as you learn then Ruth – it is so much fun and inspirational for me trying to do similar things on the other side of the world! I just wish I had something as beautiful as the Seba Dizajn creations to talk about in my posts … having said that I am wearing the earrings Doka made for me and telling lots of people about them and SD and they are now being worn in the opera Tom Jones that I am performing in … so maybe I am!

    • Seba Silver says:

      You know you have all your beautiful sewing to blog about Jenny and i am sure a lot of other things… I have seen some of your food photography, there are a lot of ‘foodie’ blogs, maybe that could be your thing. I wrote a guest blog piece with some helpful links too, I will forward that on to you as you may not have seen it. Thanks again for you comments and support.

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