Bubbles and Backpacks

Today I am happy to be introducing you to a new Guest Blogger, Wendy Wise. Wendy and I met via a group on Facebook and both share an interest increasing access to education for children in third world countries.  I recently wrote about our new association with Mary’s Meals, here is some more information for you and a great video clip. Thanks Wendy!Visit our Guest Bloggers page to learn more about Wendy and her business;

I was so pleased to be asked by Ruth to contribute to her blog.   Not only do we share a love for jewellery but we also both support Mary’s Meals.

You can help me raise money for Mary’s Meals by going to my website http://www.facilitutors.com and clicking the Facebook “Like” button and the Google+1 button.  For every 100 clicks on each I will donate £10 to Mary’s Meals.  If you feel like doing a bit more, I’m running a competition on my blog and the prize is a bottle of champagne (or coffee if you prefer!).  All you need to do is share my website in every way you can think of and then leave a comment to tell me what you’ve done and the best sharer will win.    Here’s a link to the blog post: http://www.blog.facilitutors.com/2012/04/facilitutors-fabulous-easter-champagne.html

Now back to Mary’s Meals!!  Not all of us can afford to make donations in cash, but there are other ways that you can help.  For instance there is the Backpack Project which helps provide everyday essentials to schoolchildren in some of the poorest parts of the world.  Essentials for school like pencils and exercise books but also essentials for life like soap, a toothbrush, a pair of trainers or flip flops and of course a backpack to put it all in.  It doesn’t have to be new, if your children have got tired of last year’s pencil case or school bag, don’t throw it away if it’s in good condition, send it to Mary’s Meals.   When you’re shopping for the holidays and the flip flops or T shirts are on special offer, think about Mary’s Meals.  You can involve your own children too, it’s an amazing way to create links across the world and to make us realize just how lucky we are.  Here’s a link to the Backpack Project  which tells you what they need and how to get it to them.

If you’d like to see the impact that your gift will have on children’s lives, just watch this video.  Make sure you’ve got a box of tissues nearby though…


Mary’s Meals Backpack project via youtube.com

About Seba Silver

In June 2011 my wife and I opened a small store on the beautiful Dalmatian Island of Korcula. Our store (Seba Dizajn) showcases stunning filigree jewellery, all work is made on site offering you the fascinating chance to see filigree jewellery being made. Visit us at www.sebasilver.com to see and purchase some of our filigree jewellery. The Seba family have been working, and creating beautiful pieces of filigree jewellery for over 500 years.
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5 Responses to Bubbles and Backpacks

  1. Helz-Design says:

    what a great idea – not only of wendy but also of the guys of mary.s meal …

  2. carolinaheartstrings says:

    Off to find your website and click. Great cause. Beautiful child in the picture.

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