Guest Bloggers

We are enjoying introducing a variety of guest blog posts,

Tracey Phillips

Our first guest blogger was Tracey Phillips of, Bridal Designs  – Wait, do I hear Wedding Bells?    

We have also welcomed

Helen Bogun of Helz-Design with her piece about creativity, Let Fantasy In, you can also join Helen on facebook.  Helen is the creative force behind our fabulous Christmas cards, and many other graphic design projects.

Our 2012 card design by Helen

Our 2012 Christmas card designed by Helen

Michele Taylor wrote about Social Media & Sharing in her piece Who’s mixing your next Mojito?. You can find out more about Michele’s Coaching on her facebook page and read more from her on her blog.

Sharon and her Seba Silver collection, 2011

Sharon Howard shared a story about her favourite piece of jewellery, see Sharon’s blog Day in the Life of a Busy Gal… for more her.  Sharon has also very kindly written a piece about her favourite birthday present… some Seba Dizajn jewels! Possibly the Best Birthday Present Ever….

Rev. Jamie L. Saloff shared a piece about crafts, creating and her own jewellery, When the Craft Calls  You you can find more from Jamie here,

Paper Jewellery by Saloukee’s Sarah Kelly features here; Stunning Paper Jewellery .

See the full Saloukee collection at

Saloukee Revolution Necklace

Saloukee Revolution Necklace

Joanne McGowan has joined us and written about her Children’s Party planning business, Creating a Perfect Party – why not employ some one else to help entertain your children?!

In April 2012 we welcomed Wendy Wise of FACILITATORS – offering a fantastic range of learning opportunities throughout France, looking for a course/tutor or venue in France, Wendy’s will do her best to help.   Wendy is a fellow supporter of Mary’s Meals and here, Baubles and Backpacks, Wendy shared how she contributes to this great charity.   In March 2013 Wendy rejoined us answering some questions about setting up and running Facilitutors – Lifelong learning in France.   

Kirsty from  the Book – Love – Bug blog joined us in Febuary 2012 reviewing Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft – a great read for any chic lit lovers.

Ivona Novak of –  shared her guest blog piece, So Many Reasons to love Dubrovnik talking about why Dubrovnik is so great and how Ivonka and her colleagues can help you plan and book your Dubrovnik holiday.


Please contact us at if you are interested in sharing a guest blog with our readers, or leave your contact information below and I will get back to you.

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