Traditional Filigree Jewellery – Our Business Journey


A design trilogy – filigree style

Our ‘non-shop’ season has been fairly full with creating new jewels for the 2014 season.  There is an endless stream of ideas and never enough time to create all that we discuss.

The earrings featured here are part of our ‘luxury’ collection – while we consider all of our work to be special each pair of these earrings took several days to complete.

These photos highlight some of the many steps towards the final product.

Here you can see some of the first pieces we created for the earrings featured below.

Here you can see some of the first pieces we created for the earrings featured below.

In this photo we are ready to solder rings into the two different styles of flowers that you can see. The rings will hold small gemstones when the earrings are complete.

In this photo we are ready to solder rings into the two different styles of flowers that you can see. The rings will hold small gemstones when the earrings are complete.

These beads will be used instead of flowers in the third of our trilogy.  


I took the photo above  on my mobile phone to emphasis how small each bead is. Here they are tied together with wire, in the next step the bead halves will be soldered together and the wire will no longer be required.

Here we are soldering the earring stems - you can see all three designs in the trilogy in this image.

Here we are soldering the earring stems – you can see all three designs in the trilogy in this image.


Design 1- trimmed and ready for final cleaning.

Design 1- trimmed and ready for final cleaning.

The completed trilogy - Seba Dizajn is the name of our Korcula store.

The completed trilogy – (Seba Dizajn is the name of our Korcula store).

I hope you have enjoyed this short insight into the work that goes into creating our filigree jewellery.



Revisiting the Cathedral

Some of you may be familiar with our Cathedral window pendants, I wrote about them in an earlier blog piece and have shared several ‘work in progress’ photos on our facebook page.  These pendants have been popular here in our Korcula store – they are a very special reminder of a holiday taken in a beautiful part of the world.

Korcula, Croatia

Korcula, Croatia

Today I want to share some new photographs of us creating these stunning pieces,  I hope you enjoy the photos below;

Creating Pendant framework.

Creating Pendant framework.

Here we are soldering the pendant framework together.

Here we are soldering the pendant framework together.

Some of the smaller details used in completed pendants.

Some of the smaller details used in completed pendants.

Filling details into framework.

Filling details into framework.

The most time comsuming design - to date!

The most time comsuming design – to date!

Completed Pendant

Completed Pendant

And, finally the small Korcula Cathedral that inspired this collection;

Saint Petra Cathedral, Korcula

Saint Petra Cathedral, Korcula












Inspiring buttons.

As we prepare to open our shop for the 2013 season we are putting in some long hours behind the scenes putting finishing touches on the stock that we have been creating during the winter ‘break’.

Filigree bead earrings

Filigree bead earrings

Our handmade silver beads/balls/kugles continue to be our best selling item; worn as earrings, a pendant or part of a necklace or bracelet a kugle is a stunning piece of jewellery.

I have been trying to decide on some imges to display in our store and have found some great images via the facebook page of  Croatian Traditional Costumes.

The kugle/bead was originally seen as a decorative button on jackets in different regions of Croatia.  I have not found out when they were first adapted to be worn as a form of jewellery, however, since this time the bead has been a popular item of jewellery.  If anyone reading this knows more we would love to hear from you.


Here are some images of buttons/kugles in their traditional format;


kugle jacket

kugles 2


Don’t you love the facial expression here, wonder what he was thinking about/looking at?!







Proof that social media can help your small business.

It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of  September and that in a month we will be closing our Korcula based shop for the season – remember our jewellery is always available via our website, and that we will be regularly updating our facebook page, Seba Dizajn.

Our store is located on a small side street, Ulica DePolo, in Korcula, Croatia – an isolated location and one that can be very hard to find in this town of many similar looking cobbled lanes. We are now approaching the end of our second season at our store, Seba Dizajn and our website has been live for approximately 18 months.

It has been interesting and rewarding to learn that some of the time we have been putting into our ‘Social Media Campaign’ has paid off – I have been blogging, updating our facebook page and using Twitter and Pinterest to promote both our business and Korcula/Croatia.

This year we have had the pleasure of meeting a number of our facebook fans and twitter followers.  And we have also had some customers find our store via our website, brilliant for a small business in a town full of jewellery shops.  Now that the season is a little quieter I have time for a little more social interaction and have asked a couple of recent customers how they found us – via a google search was the reply from a Canadian filigree fan and also via google for one couple visiting Korcula from San Francisco :)

Our first twitter visitor for the summer came via the UK when Sharon Howard who we had ‘met’ via facebook and twitter visited Korcula.

Sharon and her Seba Silver collection.

We enjoyed meeting Sharon, especially as we had been regularly sharing tweets (you can follow us on twitter via this link @SebaDizajn) and Sharon and I had also written guest blog pieces for each others blogs.  You can find a link to Sharon’s blog and to our other bloggers HERE on our ‘Guest Bloggers’ page.

We have also met Lynda Milina who organises and hosts painting and photography courses to Korcula, and had the pleasure of meeting one of Lynda’s groups here for a painting course.  Lynda lives in Canada and spends the summer months here with her family in Lumbarda so she is very well connected and organises excellent tours. We look forward to catching up with Lynda again soon now that the season is drawing to a close and our time is a little more flexible.  Follow this link, if you think you would like to learn more about Lynda’s business.

Lumbarda reflections

A twitter introduction via a mutual friend led Joanne of Act One Parties to Seba Dizajn – Joanne and I shared tweets while Joanne planned her families Croatia holiday.  We enjoyed a glass of wine together as the sun set and continue to share tweets now that she is back in the UK.  You can also find Joanne via our Guest Bloggers page where she shared a little about starting her business and why she loves organising children’s parties.

Korcula sunset

During the same week that Joanne was in town we also met Ivona Novak of – Ivona and I had also been sharing tweets and we shared a guest blog piece here on our blog, So Many Reasons to love Dubrovnik talking about why Dubrovnik is so great and how Ivonka can help you during your visit.  Ivona and I shared a sunset cocktail and talked about the things we each love about our respective towns, we look forward to eating at some of the great sounding restaurants she recommended in Dubrovnik and to catching up again soon.

We have also met several of our facebook fans here in the store and look forward to welcoming Marie on Thursday for an in store jewellery making experience.   Marie has found her way to us via Alan Mandic of Secret Dalmatia – Alan organises unique and personal holidays in Croatia. I met Alan in Split earlier this year and he has kindly booked several people for  exclusive jewellery making experiences here in our store.

I still feel like such a novice with all aspects of social media while at the same time as I contemplate what I have written I feel delighted that we can make it work for our new and slowly growing business.  I would like to thank and recommend Nikki Pilkington and her series of 30 Day Challenges for providing a lot of guidance along the way. You can also find Nikki on facebook and twitter where she will happily answer your questions.  Thanks also the ‘support groups’ started by Nikki on facebook and all the members who have helped us by answering all sorts of questions from Korcula.

We would love to meet you too, please stop by if you are in Korcula.

Do you have any experiences of meeting your Social Media followers? Leave your experiences below, would love to hear from you.


Cathedral inspired jewellery designs

This window,

Cathedral window detail

can be seen above this Cathedral here in Korcula,

Saint Petra Cathedral, Korcula

We have been busy creating a series of pendants using the window motif as a framework, here are our designs to date;

Plain pendant

with one segment filled – as requested by customer from Czech Republic

A rich filigree fill in this frame

Second complete filigree detail pendant

There are two more designs to come in this collection.

Do you have a favourite?

Remember to contact us if you have any requests to have something made for yourself or a friend, leave your questions below or email us,


So many reasons to love Dubrovnik

Today I am very happy to be introducing you to Ivona Novak of – I asked a few questions about why Dubrovnik is so popular, hope you enjoy our short interview & stunning photos.

If you are planning a visit to Croatia/Dubrovnik or Korcula I think you will find this website is full of useful information and links & you can be sure any questions you send will be promptly answered but the knowledgeable team.

You have a great website promoting Dubrovnik , it is a fabulous city and we’d love you to share some of your favourite places/tips;

Dubrovnik is a unique city that has it all – history, art, culture, nightlife, food, sports… but of course there are some spots that I like best. The island of Lokrum is like paradise on earth. Even in peak season you can always find a calm spot to relax, nap in the shades of the olive trees, or read a good book. I also love the Buza Bar, a bar that is situated outside the Old City walls on the cliffs overlooking the open sea. Another top tip: Park Orsula – best in the evening, when the spotlights put emphasis on this beautiful and romantic setting.

How long have you been promoting Dubrovnik? is a fairly new website but it gets more and more popular every day, especially since we are promoting it over Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as well. Social media is an amazing tool to reach people in a more personal way. We always gladly help plan your vacation or give tips and recommendations on anything. Whatever you want to know about Dubrovnik or the area – just tweet, e-mail or message us :)

Are you local to Dubrovnik or how long have you lived there?

 Yes, everyone here is local to Dubrovnik.

What is your favorite thing about living in Dubrovnik?

Definitely the fact that we are very social people. There is hardly a day when we don’t socialize with friends or family and have a coffee with them. And all this in a town in which, even after years of living here, you are always amazed of its stunning beauty.

What are your top 3 recommends for tourists on a day trip to Dubrovnik?

1.  Walk the city walls and see the Old Town from above.

2.  Have a drink at Buza Bar

3.  Stroll along Stradun and the sidestreets and buy a nice souvenir to take back home. For example Croatian olive oil, candied orange/ lemon peel, traditional crafts from Konavle or a beautiful piece of art.

One of the great views from the walls of the Old Town.

What is your favourite place to eat?

It really depends on what I want to eat at that moment. There are many good restaurants offering a variety of Mediterranean and some even internationally influenced food. The most important part for me when dining out is a nice atmosphere and my friends.

And finally, what you recommend as the best time of year to visit?

I think each season in Dubrovnik has its own charm. Even though in peak season the town gets often crowded, I love the buzzing summer nights. Fall is calmer but still has the nice summer weather. In Winter the town is decorated for Christmas, the sea is rough because of the strong “Bura” wind but it still amazes me with its natural beauty. Spring is great because you can literally feel Dubrovnik and its people wake up after the winter months – The cafés get crowded, everyone is enjoying long walks, the children are playing outside… Dubrovnik really is unique.


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